Ellis Note; Dewey and Doremefasolatido

Grassroots horsemen have been heard, and it appears there is an impasse at Ellis Park.

Thursday beneath the main grandstand, Ellis-based horsemen launched a bid to protect their livelihoods and preserve their lifestyles.

"This is what we do, what we live for," said Henderson trainer Benjie LaRue. "This looks like a pretty good deal to me. We're here to race."

The horsemen secured an agreement from Geary to reopen the track, probably on Wednesday, provided the Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association (KHBPA) signs off on an improved Advance Deposit Wagering provision.

Marty Maline, executive director of the KHBPA, agreed to poll his 10-member board, with a majority ruling. A decision was not expected until today.

Bravo. Maybe, just maybe the players will win, and when the players win, the sport wins.

Anyone see Deweycheatmnhowe at the Meadowlands tonight in the Dancer elim? Wow. It is a shame Snow White has not come back well, because watching these two knock heads would have been a blessing. 27.2 on the end makes one think the Hambo might be a foregone conclusion. Kudos to Ray as well. On the chat boards where some folks seem to believe the human element is the horse, have been begging Ray to use a catch driver. This goes to show, when you have the horse, it does not matter who is driving. Ray has done a great job. Knowing that when he finally gets beat we will hear "he should have used a real driver" is racing to a tee I guess. I hope Ray and the colt goes undefeated so the Monday morning quarterbacks have nothing to blame.

Tom Durkin is a master. What an interesting way to call a tough horse today at Belmont.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. There is a lot happening in racing. I would like to get caught up and pop up a few posts for some discussion.


Anonymous said...

Imagine, having 20 thousand in your betting account during the biggest night of the year. All the horses you have been watching are primed for a victory and you don't wager a dime.
That's my analogy to Ray and Dewey.
Everytime they step foot on the track it must kill him to rate the mile, and yet he's done it. No pressure last year nobody was in his league, but I'm willing to give pretty good odds that somebody this year will snap Ray's willpower streak and we might just see the fastest trotting mile ever.
For Ray's sake I hope that he sets it..
As for Snow White, JC nearly lost her again today but drove her so smart on that turn, nearly coming to a stop to ensure she would stay trotting. Sometimes when the best horse doesn't show up that day, it's nice to know the worlds best driver is there to pick up the slack.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Dewey looks awesome.

I was on the Snow White band wagon entering these couple weeks, but it is apparent she isn't the same or hasn't progressed much off of her 2 year old season. The Hambo looks like Deweys to lose.

Pull the Pocket said...

I agree Phil. She would have popped a 153 and change at the very least last race if she was herself. She's too good a horse not to.

Maybe she can get better the next few weeks, but it appears she is Oaks bound.


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