Meadowlands Pace - By the Numbers

107 – Seconds that both Somebeachsomewhere and Art Official paced, establishing a world record.

105 – Seconds that I think Somebeachsomewhere will pace a mile this year, at sometracksomewhere.

52.4 – Somebeachsomewhere’s middle half, which usually results in a horse coming home in 29; and often times worse than that.

75 – The percent Art Official has improved since early in the year. He looked to be lost on the lead early, and a horse who was simply learning to be a racehorse. At the Burlington after he came home in 52, he looked to be one that needed to be raced “off the pace”. He has now come full circle and proved that horses can and do improve over time. He’s finally all racehorse.

16 – What I needed in my odds line to make Art Official a play. Not quite there.

64 – The percent chance I had SBSW winning in my odds line. After watching the race, that was obviously too low.

160 – Dollars I spent on a pick 4, using five horses in the Pace final, looking for a good score.

2 – The number I had correct (Art Official and Glass Pack)

36.14 - The speed in MPH Somebeach paced his second quarter.

1 – Percent chance I figured that Art would be on the front end in the Pace final.

6 - Number of people I have read that said Paul should have "taken a hole". Taking a hole in a million dollar race, and getting potentially caught in traffic with an undefeated horse people are comparing to Niatross? I want some of what those people are smoking :)

5 – The percent chance that we need in every odds line in harness racing for noise. Every horse can get beat because of whatever reason in our sport. And that has to be reflected in any odds line. It is why bridgejumping bets are ROI negative.

1 -The number of post race commenters that were gracious and classy, and from a bygone era in racing, where class trumped bravado; Paul MacDonnell: "I've got to give Art Official all the credit in the world. He parked horses past the half in 51 and change and was still around at the wire to live and tell about it. I still had a lot of horse. I figured he'd get me to the wire in a pretty remarkable time and he did and got caught right at the end. I give him and Art Official all the credit."

1000’s – The hopeful number of thoroughbred fans who watched the race.

1000’s – The number of thoroughbred fans who learned that the three path is not the same as in thoroughbred racing, and that fractions and trip matter very much in harness racing.

100,000 – The supplement paid to enter Bullville Powerful. When they did that, most thought that it would have no bearing on the Final outcome, but it was everything. Take Yannick out of the mix and the Meadowlands Pace final is a completely different race.

180 – Degrees difference between Bullville Powerful’s running line versus Somebeachsomewhere’s off similar trips.

Somebeachsomewhere 4o 1oo 1 1-3/4 2-nk 1:47.0

Bullville Powerful 3o 2o 6 9-12 1/4 9-23 1:51.3

0 – The number of superfectas offered on the Pace final. I was confused at that.

1 – The number of world record holders for three year old pacers in our sport – Art Official.

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