Friday, January 16, 2009


The Big M pick 4 paid a nice $700+ last night, despite 3 heavily bet horses. They have promoted that pick 4 over the years and charge a very low rake. That is a hell of a good bet. Our pickers below got 3.0 of 4. Nice try guys.

Gil Grissom left CSI last night. I am changing my vote for harness commissioner from Santa (god love the big red bugger) to him.

The geeks out there are now speaking about Web 3.0. Bah. Harness Racing 1.1 would be good; but if 3.0 is coming, I hope it spits me out some winners, makes my life better, and stops people in racing from telling me that the price of their product does not matter.

Got an email from a friend who wants to try what these British chaps are doing with UK racing. If he does try it I hope he will give us a weekly update.

Got an email from another friend ready to embark on his "I am going to play poker and racing at casino's and playing as long as I can get a comp" trip. It starts next week. Perhaps we can get him to keep us posted here, as well.

I am reading the book "Stuff White People Like" (warning, if you are the type of person that sits at a cafe in Montreal wondering why the world is so bad and you can't get a six figure job with your philosophy degree, you will not like this book) and it struck me that we could write one for racing. "Stuff Handicappers Like to Argue About". The discussion on chat boards and elsewhere about Beyer figs is hilarious. To some, using and/or supporting Beyer figures is like wearing white after Labour Day, just before your trip north for a seal hunt. Steve Crist almost goes into defending them in his last piece, but holds his tongue. Beyer is one of the best handicappers this sport has ever seen and to this day it is considered cool not to like him or his figures.

Blackout! I am tempted to make a Scorpions reference, but no, a major blackout in Toronto last night left me in the dark, literally. About 100,000 people or so on the west end were out. I sat around and wondered what in the hell people do without power. Not to mention it was freaking freezing. I swear I saw some Inuit ice fishing on Lake Ontario out my window. Thankfully I am back up, and able to post this wonderful drivel this morning.


Anonymous said...

the last big blackout in Toronto was in the summer and one of the best nights out i've ever had. at the pub, beer on ice, charchoal bbq and no closing time. however, a blackout during -20 temps is just cruel.

i received the "white people" book for xmas. hope you have a review up soon!



Pull the Pocket said...

I hear there are about 50,000 people still out Keith. I got back on sometime last night. I dunno when, I was off to the land of nod dreaming of hitting a superfecta under an umbrella on a beach somewhere.

The White people book is funny. I can see why it is a best seller. It makes fun of everyone quite nicely. If your faced crunched when you were in university when some kid was complaining about the pressure involved with his sociology final and how he needs a long vacation afterward in Europe, while his dad is working two jobs to send him through school, you will like it :)

Wind Gatherer said...

Is there a way to try the Betfair thing, here?

Pull the Pocket said...

Nope. If you move to England you can, but you'd get stuck with bad food :)

Wind Gatherer said...

Hey, for $150k, I would eat the ass out of a dead rhinoceros.

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