Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top Ten Races, Change Pricing & V75 hit?

Our friend US Harness racing at his blog has added his top 5 harness races of 2008. Mine are a bit different. I liked #5 - Mr. Big versus Artistic Fella in the Haughton; #4 - Muscle Hill's 153.3 Breeders Crown win; #3 - Somebeachsomewhere against the clock in 46.4; #2 - Somebeachsomewhere over Shadow Play at Yonkers and #1 - Same as our pal at that blog. Easily the race of the year.

Change your pricing, change your story? Absolutely.

I am not sure if the $15 million dollar V75 was hit in Sweden or not. I have been scouring the news but every news story is in Swedish. I refuse to use one of those fancy translators. I am guessing - yes it was hit!


Janine said...

Here's the official site, it lists the horses who won, but nothing about betting results:


Anonymous said...

It,s right there I think go to English results push V75.94,638,754 kr or $14,680,383 CD was bet.7 winners paid 32,127 kr or $4,983.55 CD.With 1,435 winning tickets.6 winners paid 214 kr or $33.19 CD.5 winners paid 24 kroners or $3.72 that,s right 3 bucks.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the V75 was hit by over 1400 tickets which all gave about 4500 USD for the the winners. The consolation payouts for six and five correct races paid 30 USD and 3 USD. The handle on this weeks V75-betting was around 13.5 million.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

While I,m on a roll hope I,m right.1435 winning tickets with 7 winners so 1435 x 32127=46102245 then 3029 winning tickets with 6 winners so 3029 x 214=648206 then 13107 winning tickets with 5 winners so 13107x24=214568. If you add the winning kroners 46102245+648206+214568= 46965019 kroners .So they took in give or take 94 million kroners they paid out 46 million kroners or in English they took in 14 million paid out about 7 million for a rake of over 50 %. If I,m wrong it,s cause I,m wrong but I think I,m right.

Anonymous said...

I would say that we shouldn't try and dublicate the V75 here in Canada. I think we should just be use the Swedish one that is already successful. We don't have the field sizes they do in Sweden and I don't think you can get more unpredictable then 7 fields of 12-15 trotters, so we could probably never hit their pool sizes and potential jackpots. What we should do is simply embrace the Swedish wager and try to produce a weekly ENGLISH guide to the wager. With the 7 races in a North American style program, some drivers stats and any other relevant handicapping information. Have the industry sites have a flashing banner constantly reminding us we are 4 days away....... 3 days away..... 1 day away...... 15 minutes away from the start of the V75. The give us fans the ability to watch each race live over the net and the ability to see each replay of the races if we missed them. I think it would do very well In North America.

Pull the Pocket said...

Boy you guys follow this V75 betting.

Janne is from Sweden so I know he knows. For the rest of ya, that is some good googling.

13.5M bet into it yesterday? Wow, that's a pool. I agree with the poster above. I think this can work well here.

TJ said...

The v75 pool has grown to $45 million this week due to not having anyone hit 5 out of 7 this weekend.

I am not sure why they don't have a single person hitting this pool. the attractive 10 cents bets must be small enough even if you take all combinations with the base amount of 10 cents.

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