Friday, January 16, 2009

The Hearty Standardbred

It's cold. I am thinking of moving to Baffin Island because it has to be warmer there than here. With all our runner friends in the northeast cancelling, I check the landscape and see the harness tracks are in full force. Say what you want about the two games, runners and harness, but one thing we got on 'em is toughness. These horses are something else. Give them a couple of meals, treat them with a bit of respect and they will run through a wall for you, and enjoy doing it at the same time.

We are pretty darn lucky.


Anonymous said...

Cancelling a harness track is kind of like the tree falling in the forest. Would anyone even know?

Anonymous said...

T-breds cancelling is more likely due to the tracks having more of a cushion and it is more likely that there will be hard clumps in it as well as the fact that Jockeys need to be weight sensitive so they probably can't put much under their silks.

Anonymous said...

Aw now come on obviously someone would know, PTP just mentioned how much he likes harness on a snowy night, so yes it would be noticed. Please don't be so mean! And while I am sure Allen is right about track condition and jockey weight, it is still true that not many other breeds can hold a candle to a Standardbred for pure toughness. They are without a doubt one of the coolest horses in the equine world.
Regards, Rebecca

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