Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. Feelgood Wins Downunder

Why do I always think of Motley Crue when this horse wins?

Anyway, I was scouring the net for the video a few days ago and could not find it. Lo and behold, who points it out to me? Yes, a thoroughbred fan. Thanks Valerie!

The Jug Champion and former North American stud was shipped downunder and in his first race he won. The "ship across an ocean and win first start" is not a very good angle in harness racing. But this time it was bang on. Here is the video in case you have not seen it.


Scott said...

That was a pretty handy field too in the Shepparton Cup, plus it was his first time at a standing start as well. I love it when foreign horses arrive in Aus, it just adds so much to the talent pool.

Scott said...

He just ran second in the Group I Ballarat Cup, a mobile race over 2700m. Led the whole way, got pipped near the post. Gallant run. Looking forward to him being a big threat in the Inter Dominion series in March.

Scott said...

Mr Feelgood just won the Hunter Cup, a Group 1 standing start race worth AUD$400k, one of the very elite races Down Under. Here's a link to the replay.

His price - 7.6 or just over 13/2 in fractions.

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