Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's a WEGZ? And Holy Smokes!

I went to WEGZ Sports bar last night for the football games and some racing. It's owned by Woodbine entertainment. It has big screens, weird lights cut out as Maple Leafs, golf, pool and a pile of other things. It is also a teletheatre. I just don't know where that name came from. What is WEGZ?

Quite honestly, it is probably the best sports bar I have ever been to, and I have been to a few in my days. You can bet and watch some racing, hook up the computer with some Wifi and enjoy yourself with some affordable food. The only problem? I am getting too old to be surrounded by people under 30. Luckily I still tend to act like I am twelve.

They push the sports betting angle there with odds, prop bets and so on that are along their electronic banner. I can see why Woodbine wants sports betting. If it was allowed there I would submit that millions would go through that place.

We went to Woodbine for a few of the races after that. Yikes, that was some kind of weather.

Cangamble and HANA are speaking about a Nick Kling column in the Troy Record which quotes some of racings heavyweights. yes folks, people are starting to talk about it. Too bad we sunk so far before they did!

Chris Scherf: "The problem is we’ve got tracks and horsemen both saying they need more money in this economy. But the first thing we need is an engaged gambling public, and they should be at the top of the list.”

Drew Couto: "We have to face two very important realities. First, we have allowed (racing) to basically disappear.".... "Second, we have to adopt new ways our fans can participate. New wagers, betting exchanges."

More here.

Will 2009 be the year where we finally try and attract other price-sensitive bettors who have left us for greener pastures?

Next up: O'Brien Award Predictions - 2nd Annual version by Greg Reinhart.


Anonymous said... looks pretty cool, may have to make a trip up North...maybe we should have a WNY/So Ontario TBA convention..

Anonymous said...

How are the ladies there? any hotties?

Pull the Pocket said...


I must say, if anyone was coming up for the Breeders Crown, Queens Plate, or CDN intl, it would be a decent plan to head there for an evening. It is kind of fun.


It's Toronto suburbia; lots of good looking people. Thankfully there are normal looking ones when I go with my friends to bring the average down to reality :)

Anonymous said...

Wagering on standardbred racing is up over 17% so far this year. Maybe 2008 really was rock bottom, but it's just going to be a slow bounce.

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