Monday, January 19, 2009

Overacting, Ouch & Little Hope

Green But Game tells us, through her scouring the interweb, that CSI Miami has a horse racing episode tonight. I am waiting with the DVR for the episode because I want to hear David Caruso overact on being a handicapper. "You.... bet ... the seven? The seven has..... no ..... shot.... Bet the ......six..... he has good late.... numbers" If there are any lines delivered like below, man this could be good.

I notice on Ray Paulick that friend to racing Richard Shapiro, former head of the Cali Horse Racing board had some trouble as part of the Madoff nonsense. He always struck me as a decent fellow. In an interview he demonstrates the malaise that hits us in horse racing.

"Horse racing is a dysfunctional industry," said Shapiro, who has been in the sport nearly all his life and whose family owned the legendary Native Diver. "There are so many viewpoints. We need so much help from government. We have to find new alliances. We need to make the industry viable again."

Cangamble gives his opine on some of the things we have speaking of here on the blog.

Ray Paulick writes a piece today asking if there is any way racing can fix itself. It is a tough question. The knee-jerk reaction is of course, no.


Anonymous said...

Is that...Caruso....or Wil...liam Shatner?
If you can, try to track down the episode of "numbers' that deals with horse racing.



Pull the Pocket said...

I'd pay like $25 to see Caruso play Shatner's long lost brother. Maybe in "Star Trek 14 - The Wrath of Overacting."

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