Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something About Snowy Racing.....

I went to the Big Track tonight and the weather was frightful, but there is something about harness racing on a night like that. Snow coming down, stakes races. It felt a little like being at old Greenwood this evening; a few die hards, and not too many others, watching some racing.

In the picture above the Glorys Comet went to the talented Please Poppy in a very exciting race.

In the 8th race which was the Willowdale Series second leg, racing does not get much better than that. It was a twelve horse field, it had plenty of movement, jockeying for position, and some solid fractions. The winner was an old North America Cup winter book horse we spoke about last year here, Real Nice.

It is pretty weird to me. On a snowy day I find I will turn off a thoroughbred track. On a snowy evening I love watching harness racing.

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