Friday, January 30, 2009


Woodbine takes it hard from players regarding movement in their races (as we discussed below). But there is a nasty thing happening virtually everywhere with drivers. There is a habit forming at most tracks where a horse is pulled and they don't move forward. The driver just sits on the outside waiting on cover. This completely clogs up the outside and makes watching paint dry seem palatable. How 'bout enforcing a rule - the rule already there - where if you pull you move forward or we fine you $500? I think it would be fixed in about 48 hours.

Anyone agree, or is it just me?

Gathering the Wind asks the question. But I don't think there is anyone to answer him. I have said this for years and I believe it to this day: Our sons and daughters and granddaughters and grandsons will be reading about the business of racing and the period of 1999-2010 in MBA textbooks. And the case studies will not be complementary.


Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea...
easy to implement and it would improve the racing at woodbine drastically.

Anonymous said...

Make it $1,000 for a first offence. Double it if tgey do it again in the same week. Double it again for a third offence in the same week. Double again for a fourth. At the start of the second week, wipe the slate clean. Additional penalties if you have more than 5 offences in a month. $5,000 on your 6th. Make it so painful, they won't even think about it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea and I would also bring back a modified version of the slow quarter rule. Don't penalize the driver of the lead horse, penalize the drivers of the horses that could force the pace.

Anonymous said...

I think the rule is workable except going into the final turn when horses on the outside may just be out of gas.
And what happens when a horse pulls out of the pocket or from third before the clubhouse turn and the leader decides to hang the horse out to dry? The horse is trying to move forward but isn't allowed to because it could be up against a superior horse.

Anonymous said...

Chapter 10. Racing 1999-2010.
Chapter 11. Real Estate 1999-2010.
Chapter 12. Stock Market 1999-2010.
Maybe they should skip the mba and go into medicine.

Had a phd, had an mba,but now he's waiting tables cause theres rent to pay.


Pull the Pocket said...

It is just for the period from the quarter to last the half where they sit there waiting on cover. The driver who is being flushed just waits as long as possible, knowing the flusher will wait.

This never happened before and is a relatively new phenomenon at the Meadowlands, imo.

A few bettors on other boards have been noting it for some time.

Anonymous said...

The infamous "Sears is half in half out with donkey to protect position" call?

It has been happening more and more it seems. Sears and Campbell seem to be the biggest culprits.

On another note, Buttita's driving license should be suspended. He's been parked 4 straight trips to the track I believe. Keeps leaving from the 8 and 9 hole with 50-1's. Dianna Hall has been 99-1 two and parked trying for the lead.

Anonymous said...

I have even a better idea. If you are going to pull, you better be moving at all points in the race. It would make the racing a lot more exciting. To prevent the single file racing which may occur, may I suggest a slow quarter rule for the horses behind the leader just sitting?

As for Cangamble's concern, you can tell when a horse is making a move or backing up from tiring. It is the case of the person pulling and 'enjoying the view' out there that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Why should a guy "not try" because his horse is 50-1 or 99-1. So what. Have you taken a look around the track and noticed the stooges who make those odds? Have you never seen a 50-1 shot win before? I made $9,000 on a 99-1 shot once that I had been following for months. Her name was Perfect Companion and I'm sure glad her driver decided to "try" despite his odds that night.

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