Sunday, January 4, 2009

Notes Around the Horn

Several notes of interest, that I am too lazy to elaborate on.

...... On the Paulick Report, Mr Fred Pope is back defending his system that the tracks themselves should get the vast majority of the take, and ADW's get much less. Some players and ADW owners, like Dick Powell of RGS have joined the discussion. Mr. Powell's post cuts perfectly to the chase. If Mr. Pope's plan was ever enacted (don't worry it won't be), then handles will fall precipitously as Mr. Powell explains. We need people shaping this game who understand wagering; who bet. If Andrew Black had carte blanche we would be in a hell of a lot better shape than we are. I believe that if this industry ever starts funding purses through gross profits instead of the archaic current system, we'd be able to see some real growth. Racing mantra for 2009 - take what we have done and do the opposite.

..... I went to Woodbine last night. I have never seen the slots so dead. Yep, it was cold, but it was an after Xmas Saturday. I think we will see a big loss in slots revenue this year. Just a hunch.

..... I watched Mythbusters this evening. They were testing if beer goggles actually work. I wonder about gambling goggles. If I bet after about 5 beers or so, I suck. Then again I suck most of the time. But I think it makes a big difference. Anyone ever make money betting smashed?

..... I bought a Slingbox. Whomever does their customer service should be hired by racing. That is second to none.

..... A few of the editorials at Harnesslink are really hammering Woodbine in the semi-dispute between horseman and the track. I am sure they could find someone for an op-ed with some passion on the for side the issue. One side is not a good debate.

.... I liked joining the TBA (bloggers alliance) because I get to read some people I never would have before. Triple Dead Heat has a nice piece with pictures about harness racing at Woodbine, including shots of the nice new paddock.

.... Gathering the Wind is simply one of the must read blogs out there. Do yourself a favour and bookmark this interesting chap.

The Horseplayers Association of North America is doing a top tracks list with an algorithm that can be easily reproduced. I think we should do one for harness tracks. But then again, did I mention I am lazy?

.... I heard a guy at the slots area last night, lamenting losing at the slots. He said "slots cheat. They should rename Woodbine, Cheatbine!" Yes folks, horseplayers are not the only gamblers who feel the world is agin' them :)


Wind Gatherer said...

My name is George, I'm unemployed and live with my parents...

Beer goggles worked wonders for me in college. I often lamented the wearing off of the prescription by morning though. Playing darts, two beers is where I find my groove, after that, somebody's losing an eye.

Thank you kindly for the link.

Anonymous said...

Pull the Pocket said "Anyone make any money smashed"? Dude, you forgot about your good buddy Futchie and our glory days of trips to a certain bar close to woodbine and meetings with a dog walking barmaid.
Problem is, I've been drunk since and blown it all 10 times over....but...we will do it all again one day!!

Anonymous said...

Well, technically the guy is right....slots are "fixed".
They are fixed to pay out on X amount of spins/money entered.
However not all slots share the same payout matrix, some are altered based on popularity and usage.
Without getting into a big circular logic thing here, does randomness exist in a fixed pattern?
How about a fixed pattern in a random event?
If you ever bet a few quick picks via HPIbets you will know what I mean. No matter what day it is, what track, the first quick pick number always starts with 7.
How is that random? Yeah sure, we are telling the computer to pick a random number, but from a fixed set of numbers.
Wow, I confused myself.
Back to western fair



Pull the Pocket said...

Louie, did you have some bad mushrooms today? Wow, that hurt my head :)

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