Bradshaw to Swann = Nice Exactor

“According to one story, a priest came and asked Rooney for money to help start a Catholic orphanage. Rooney peeled off $10,000 and handed it to the priest, who asked, ‘Are these ill-gotten gains?’

‘Why no, father, I won that money at the race track,’ Rooney said.”

There were a few folks in the blogosphere chatting about bloggers and journalists recently. I did not think much of that or comment, because I generally spew out drivel here, based on something I read on the net, some track hiking takeout and wondering why their churn went down, or some horse I saw race. But there are some folks who really do some fantastic work that can be called journalism. Valerie is one, and she writes a really cool, timely piece on Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney, and the teams connection with horseplaying.

That is journalism; and that is very well done.

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