Well, That Was Fun

There was an article last week in HRU (pdf) about the new direction in the LPGA. Falling on hard times, the new commissioner started a plan for 2012, called "Growth". Each letter corresponded to a strategy. The last letter, "H", meant have fun, because if you're having fun, fans at home and in the stands will have fun too.

I think it isn't a stretch to say that horse racing may be the most traditional, stodgy, almost funereal in its presentation, sports' in history. Often times you'll see customers complain on chat boards wondering if North American jocks or drivers care if they win or lose. Owners are rich for the most part, and seem detached. It's not a very good marketing avenue.

Well today, there was no doubt that someone cared. The jockey on Dubai World Cup winner Monterossa let go one of the coolest celebrations I have ever seen in horse racing. About 50 yards or so from the wire, in a can't lose spot, the horse slowed to a canter with him standing up and letting go some youthful exuberance.

He's a young jockey, a rising star, and he hasn't got the memo yet that he's supposed to win $10 million dollar races and look like he's just got a tooth pulled. In addition, he'll likely get fined by someone, too.

I hope he doesn't read the memo, pays the fine, and then does exactly the same thing again next year.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should do a dance like they do in professional football? Nothing wrong with showing emotion, but what this kid is doing is downright dangerous. He could have waited a little longer.

That Blog Guy said...

Call me stodgy, but he could have gone ape sh*t on the way back to the winners circle. Heaven forbid his horse brokedown in those last 50 yards.

I am only thinking of safety. If he wants to risk his own life, go ahead. He shouldn't risk other people's lives by showing off (now I didn't see the race, if he had a Secretariat type lead, then everyone could have avoided him and then, go ahead, go nuts).

RG said...

Why would a horse break down because a jockey stood up on him and slowed him down? Some folks need to take a chill pill.

Anonymous said...

The lead was just a couple of lengths. Nobody says the horse would break down, but the jockey certainly could have fallen off. In fact, just a little later, he almost did just that.

That Blog Guy said...

RG, no one is suggesting the horse could have broken down just because the jockey stood up, but a horse racing could breakdown at any time during the race, including at the end. I remember the time a horse brokedown at then Philadelphia Park literaly a few feet from the finish.

Not likely, but it could happen.

Tinky said...

Watch the replay of the 2011 Epsom Derby. He did something similar, but won very narrowly. He's a brilliant talent.


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