1-9's Everywhere!

Horses opening with 10k to win on them, at smaller venues lately? I have not been playing too seriously the past two days, however I did check a few tracks here and there. I did notice what looked like $10,000 to bet on several horses.

According to Paceadvantage.com, the posters are seeing this pop up in quite a few places:

There were some big underlays and overlays last night at Delta thanks to a mysterious bettor placing vast amount of $$$ on horses to win.

This guy must get around.Last night at Meadowlands harness in race 6,the pacer in post #1 got a $10,000 bet early in the wagering.He sat at 1-9 until late in the betting,and then drifted up a bit,closing at 4-5.

the 1/5 shots ran second, and payed 7.00 to place...

Makes you wonder.

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Allan said...

Not quite related, but checking the results this morning I realize the experiment to let the little guys in on the Superfecta is a failed experiment.

What is so good about a $.10 Superfecta paying $43.34? First of all, when you see it in the paper, what is the casual reader (who must be somewhat interested in the horses to be reading it? going to say? Whoppee! (cynically)

Yeah, you can tell me wel it is only a $.10 wager, but at a minimum, most people will play a four horse box. So they are looking at it as getting $43 for $2.40; not a great return for a 'super' bet. And certainly, people seeing a $43 payoff on an exotic wager is not going to get them to show up at the track or log on to their ADW.

You can tell me about those $.10 wagers that pay hundreds or thousands, but those are far and few in between.

Some tracks allow you to wager $1 to win yet the payoffs at the track and in the papers show the $2 payoff. At a minimum, can't we at least print in the paper the $1 payoff so at least that $43.34 payoff shows up as $433.40 and may entice people to show up? That being said, if you really are going to try to lure people in with a $.10 wager you are wasting your time unless you come up with a way to have more balanced fields so you avoid these miniscule payoffs.


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