Plenty to Watch this Weekend

This weekend should be more than interesting.

Tonight: The Molson Pace. Free program here (opens in a pdf).

Tomorrow, dual heats for the Hoosier Cup.


That Blog Guy said...

While few people will be able to bet it, the Elitlopp goes on Sunday at Solvalla (Sweden). The final heat goes Sunday morning around 11:00AM EDT. If you have access to NJAW, you will be able to see the race live. It will not take long for it to go on YouTube. Other sources may show the race live, but you may need to be able to read Swedish. Here is the link for the program for the entire card (eliminations are race 5 and 6) Another site which may be interesting is

That Blog Guy said...

And of course for the Molson Pace you can not bet it at the Meadowlands or NJAW. You would think there would be some deal for major races like this that they could at least simulcast the one race as a special event. But no, that would make sense.

Pull the Pocket said...

How could I forget the Swedish race? Boy is my face red.

Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Nice drive at 1-2 Jody. TOP NOTCH!

Anonymous said...


I agree 100%. I've posted that very same thought on several different forums and here as well.
Remember in the early ages of simulcasting? I remember they made the race part of the program. For instance the M1 Pace was part of Mohawk's program, it was say race 9.
You figure with M1's clear lack of entries that they would be chomping at the bit to add a race like that to the card.

With exception of the NJSS finals tomorrow how is that card even playable? 6 and 7 horse fields?
Sad. Damn that Chester!!!

best regards,



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