Shadow Play, Youtube and Youtube

Shadow Play, the second best 3YO last year won his 4YO debut last night, and of course I need to procrastinate, so I go watch a few of his races last year. Then I read that there is a really cool Preakness Promo about the filly taking on the colts on NBC. Where is it? I have no idea.

Why networks do not get their promo's on Youtube in real time fashion is beyond me.

Anyhow, looking for it I came across my most favourite Preakness ever. I post that up here. Maybe tomorrow I will find the NBC promo for this weeks Preakness.

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Anonymous said...

The better horse didn't win, but the better jock sure did. What a BRUTAL ride by "patient" Pat, who had SS perfectly stalked and pulled the trigger way too soon, thus allowing himself to be bullied on the rail all the way down the lane. P. Val was great back in those days.


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