The Greatest Gambling Event of the Year

This event is simply (hands-down) the best gambling event of all gambling events, and we need more people to spread the word about it. Why? Because of luck and opportunity.

The winner, Mine That Bird, was keyed up beyond belief at the start, but got squeezed and had to be strangled. Reserving that energy and him settling probably won him the race, and in the process made readily apparent that when betting this event never bet workouts, or press, or breeding. Bet the board, construct proper tickets, and gamble. If you are successful, you can make a life-changing score, because 9 times out of 10, the winner is simply luckier than the other horses in this race, and/or is on his game with the elements.

With the slop today I tried my best with the all button. I took a few pick 4's with Derby "all" but tried to pin seek a little too much, and went heavier on non-chalk in the second leg, and third leg. I could not convert the ticket. I did take an all-1-all pick 3 with the Derby as the first leg and have that going, so I will see if maybe that can hit to salvage some scratch.

As for the derby itself in exotics, the all button was used by myself on a good deal of tickets, but I could not convert there either. I played Musket Man and Desert Party up and down, with all's in the ex and tri's - but Musket Man was nosed out for second. I spent some money around those above two, with Friesan Fire in supers, and was not even close. Friesan Fire had no fire whatsoever, and he looked beaten to me at the quarter pole. Some days these colts are just no good.

I hope we can bring racing to new markets in the near future (I think we have to) and I hope that market is a gambling one. I am a student of gambling - I love it - and I can honestly say (without a hint of bias) that this race can attract millions of gamblers if we give them the tools. It is that good. Win or lose, there is no event like it in punting.


Anonymous said...

The rail must be like concrete compared to the rest of the track after it rains. He ran past the rest of the field like they were standing still. Ran the same race under the same conditions as Dust Commander in 1970. If Musket Man had hugged the rail?????

Pull the Pocket said...

I thought the same thing re: Musket Man RG. At the very least he would have run second if he stayed longer inside one would think. I would have taken it!

St.Paddy said...

It could easily be the gambling event you say it should be. The two biggest gambling races are The Grand National and the Melbourne Cup. The USA is a lot bigger in population than GB and Aus. Perhaps someone should investigate what they do right.


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