Watch Out For Barber Pole

It is only May 9th, but from what I have seen so far, I think I have my NA Cup horse. Last night at the Meadowlands in a conditioned race Barber Pole, a son of Badlands Hanover won easily, stopping the clock in 149. The ease in which he did it, as well as his two year old lines, suggest the 149 was not near his bottom.

Unlike last year where there was a standout, we can and do often see unranked horses become three year old stars. The top ranked colts will have their hands full with this horse I think.

For a look at Greg's list from last week it is here. I have a feeling the Barber will be moving up the list this week.


Anonymous said...

he didn't even pop the plugs on this horse.

Simbs said...

River Shark will redeem himself and beat B Pole in the Hempt elimination on Saturday.


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