So I woke up and started working this morning, then I get ready for lunch and flipped on racing, hoping to catch the CD card. Yikes! It started at 10:30. I bet and I follow things. I had no idea the post time was early. Note to anyone like me - tomorrow the post time is early too.

Erick Poteck presented at the conference this week. He emails to inform me that the Fan 590 is having a racing show this weekend and he is on it. They never cover racing, so if anyone wants to ask any questions about racing in Canada, the email is here. insidethelines@fan590.com It is on from 10:25 to around 11AM Sunday.

$1 super minimums for the Derby card? This is a good thing for big bettors, but it stinks for small ones. What is Derby day about, helping new fans take a poke at ten cent bets, or catering to large bettors? This is a good question, I think.

has opened to bad weather, which is disappointing, but this weekend looks a lot better so I think I will be out to Milton.

Ontario Harness Horse Association looks like it is imploding. The Globe and Mail is covering the story.

puts their stamp on TVG - open signal access. Nice to see someone bring the business into the future.

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Allan said...

Regarding the OHHA. To paraphrase quote Forrest Gump: "Stupid is what stupid does". To think this whole issue is basically over the exclusion rule is ridiculous. Let the tracks run the tracks. Let the horsemen worry about their stables.

While the horsemen in NJ will manage to kill of Freehold Raceway; this disupute is certain to kill off the OHHA (at least at WEG).

Is there any wonder why this industry is destroying itself?


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