Personal Betting Machines

A teller has been indicted for theft. Why, because she allegedly bet at her machine. Some mornings when I look at my bankroll I think someone was betting on it other than myself, but alas it is just bad horseplaying.

Speaking of personal betting machines our picture above is John's racing set-up from the UK. He bets horses at betfair. Verrrry cool.

This weekend there might be an underlay of all underlays in the Preakness. The filly, Rachel Alexandra, has garnered all the press and should be heavily bet. No early odds yet, but it looks like a good time to play the Preakness and try and make some scratch.

It's that time of year in thoroughbred racing where the melodrama about "saving the sport" with sidelines to the major race (this year a filly against the colts) gets trumpeted. Jeremy Plonk thankfully shoots that down.

Greg R informs me that he is watching the Q's tomorrow at the M and then writing his Cup contenders report. Several big names are qualifying as we heat up the stakes season in harness.

No word yet on the most anticipated qualifier since Somebeachsomewhere. Early word says that Muscle Hill has been training fine though, with a 56 training mile at the M.


Allan said...

If I was the owners of the other horses, I would be stuffing the entry box; it is playing by the rules. That is the whole reason why the require couple entries in tbred racing; for when they send in speed fiends or other sacrifical horses (I know the feeling about coupling, but that is a subject for another email).

Again, I am not a t-bred expert but it seemed to me that that the horses in the Oaks other than Rachel Alexandra were nothing special. I may loose but I'll take the Derby winner and get higher odds. Yeah, he had a lucky trip but you can't deny that burst of speed.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Alexandrs beat a field of "horses" by 20 1/4 lengths that would have trouble winning an allowance race at The Fort. She had a perfect trip. All conditions change on Saturday. A fair price on her might be 7-2. You will be lucky to get 7-5. I couldn't agree more. This may turn out to be on of the bigger underlays in history.


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