Who won the 'Web' Kentucky Derby?

Matt McGee at Search Engine Land lets us in on what search engine won the Kentucky Derby flash results. The winner? Live Search (Microsoft's engine), followed by ask.com.

Can and should we be doing more with search in racing? Absolutely we should. In many sports they work with search engines on filtering results and more, and we should make this is a priority. I do not think there is anyone out there in racing that thinks the above search result, with links to contenders and so on is a bad thing for racing.

Screen shot courtesy of Matt, at Search Engine Land.

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dana said...

I think the NTRA may have worked with a SEO firm. I seem to remembering hearing a casual mention of that at the Marketing Summit and they do come up first for "thoroughbred horse racing" and "thoroughbred racing" (with and without the quotes).

But yes, I agree... wish I would have thought to check around on this after the Derby!


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