Crowds Watching Harness Racing - Overseas

When my horse came and they were trying to explain the equipment this horse was wearing, there were strings everywhere. I felt like a puppet master - pull out air hood, pull down blinds, pull up overcheck, kick over poles. My first thought was that this is going to be a disaster! But I must tell you it was one race I will never forget, the way this horse changed gears for me after being parked first up a long way I then pulled and kicked every string I could and he cleared and opened up on the field. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, to listen to the loud screams of people cheering was just amazing.

Brad Forward is representing Canada in the World Driving Championships in Norway. The crowds are big there, which is amazing to see. Follow Brad's journey here if you are interested. He is blogging it at Standardbred Canada.

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