Alarmism, Big Events II and Fast Q's

"If grooms do not deposit shovel fulls of horse manure in a sealed depository, it will cause global warming and the earth will end." Well, not really, but over the last dozen or so years, alarmism sells, no matter what the topic, no matter what end of the political spectrum. It gets play and it gets groups funded who 'alarm it', where it has become a cottage industry and an over-used strategy. Much the same happens in racing, especially of note with the Rachel Alexandra situation. Thank goodness for the blogs, because I find a good blogger is a good a read as any columnist out there. For a great take on fillies against the boys, try this post, Rachel Alarmista. Well done.

John Pricci writes about HANA this morning. It is nice for horseplayers to get good play on a major website.

Why do horses qualify in 151 or less nowadays? I see Well Said went that, as did a couple of others. It seems to be a trend. I am of the belief that a horse should qualify about two or three seconds slower than they are going to race. Note: Greg is back Monday with another edition of our Cup Contenders. It will be an interesting list, as a couple have pulled out due to injury.

I see the Adrenaline Festival in racing is picking up steam. In a parallel with our "Big Event" post below, sponsors and many others are climbing aboard this train. Big events are not only good for the blue bloods, and Gene Simmons or Michael Jordan attending Churchill, they are good for little ol us too.

There is a new horseman group (possibly) being formed in Ontario. As many followers of the news in Ontario know, the old one has had mass resignations. Bill O'Donnell seems to be spearheading the new group. Here's hoping they are a force for handle growth and a happier industry.

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malcer said...

Thank you.

On your second point: We see the same in track & field, where only the very best can afford to save energy in the elims. Champions still stand out, but the difference between 4th and 12th-place finishers keeps getting smaller.


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