A Poor Three Year Old Crop?

Last year at this time the three year old season had fans abuzz. North of the border, fans were anticipating the return of Somebeachsomewhere (it took the US folks awhile to warm up to the colt), and we already had several good quality colts like Art Official winning races. In addition, Breeders Crown winner Santanna Blue Chip was prepping nicely. We were set for a big, big year. And the colts delivered.

This year, not so much. Only one horse has popped, and that was Barber Pole. Well Said qualified well and we will see him soon.

Greg will be back with his NA Cup Top X sometime in the next bit and I will post it up, but frankly I am really hoping we see a colt step up soon, or this year might be one of those which we will forget pretty quickly. As I said here on the blog last year, I am looking forward to the trotters, especially the big horse, and I see nothing in the headlines so far that changes that thought.

Give Allan a visit, will ya?

Allan emailed today a story he wrote on his blog, and I pass the link along. He just started his blog and he has commented several times here. Give him a visit or two. We need all the people we can talking harness racing.

"We love him and he’s been very good to us, so we will be very good to him.”

A quote from the owner of millionaire Georgia Pacific, who is racing him in protected classes in Maine. We need more people like this in harness racing. Horses are horses, not commodities.

Books and more books

I should have some decent book reviews over the next while, if you are interested. I have received an advance copy of a money management book, and my buddy who is a professional gambler gave me about six or seven books last week that he said were all good. In addition, while meeting him at Mohawk tonight to see one of our stables horses go, he passed along a couple more. Maybe I can relay a thing or two that might be helpful to us in making a little more money at the game. I have finished a couple, and hopefully will have them all done by next week if work does not get in the way.

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