Upper Canada Cup - Trying to Start a Tradition

Last night at Georgian Downs the inaugural Upper Canada Cup was contested. The $480k pot went to Jack Darling's Stonebridge Terror driven by the Croatian Sensation Mike Saftic, in a thrilling stretch drive.

What the video does not show is the work that went into this to try and start a tradition. A couple of good looking dudes in tails, a procession of flags for the post parade, women dressed like it was 1804. After all, this is Upper Canada.

The simo-show was really well done as well, and on-track, folks seemed to be having a good time.

As for the racing, it was good. The purses were high, and outside Woodbine, or the Meadowlands, you will not see a higher purse day in racing. I was happy to see the racing was a main feature of HPITV, too.

However, the bettors did not flock to the event. The handle was low. This is something that needs to be worked on as time goes on.

All in all, a tremendous start to a very good event.

Here is the video for those who missed the race.

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