Accident in Last at Mohawk; Twitter Updates

In what was looking like an innocent and exciting finish to the last race last evening at Mohawk, an accident occurred, with several drivers and horses getting caught in the melee (2:30 mark).

Mark MacDonald, truly one of the nice guys in the sport, went down hard. He had a bad accident a few years ago as well, and it appears he is banged up pretty bad. According to Chris on Twitter

"Prayers for Mark Macdonald! Several facial fractures, broken teeth, broken shoulder. Feel awful for my buddy. Horrible to see and watch"

Jody J, whose horse went down, reported he was ok via twitter:  "Very bad accident in the tenth at moh. I hurt my shoulder and banged my head but my friend mm is who I'm worried for."

Reports say the horses are all ok.

It looks like Jody might make his mounts at Western Fair this evening. Legal Litigator, with the rail, was to be driven by Mark, but a driver change will obviously be listed shortly.

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