Mike Repole, on Bob Baffert's off-the-cuff comments that he was "trying to get a price for the Derby":

"The Kentucky Derby was neither the time nor place and I was thinking that I didn't need to address such stupid, idiotic statements."

Apparently, comments like this by Repole were a perfect time and place. Four days before the Derby:

"If he doesn't go off the favorite, I'll make him the favorite. If you're going to go by the Wood Memorial, I'm not afraid of any horse. ... If you want to make Dialed In the favorite, go ahead please, help me."

I don't know about you, but this is game-set-match Baffert. At least Baffert's hyperbole we knew was tongue-in-cheek.


Black Caviar made it 13 for 13 last night in Australia. Video recaps and many links on

Ted on fractional wagers. Yes, the industry has embraced them, which is a good thing. However, when Thalheimer told them to embrace them, it was a three pronged study: 1) Go Fractional 2) Lower takeout and 3) Increase field size. We're waiting on the last two.

Dan on Kentucky Derby viewers.

Molson Pace adds Art Professor to the mix. For on track fans it sounds like the place to be in two weeks.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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