Uncle Mo. Go, No Go, Go or No Go?

According to the Thoroughbred Times "Uncle Mo Entered, Not Definite for Derby"

Color me confused.

We have three days before post time, the colt was said to be 100% sound, but if not 100% he would not be running.

Sunday we heard from Mike Repole "If he doesn't go off the favorite, I will make him the favorite."

Brave words, confidence, slam-dunk. Let's go! Mo is ready. Like Sleipnir when he swam across the North Sea. Nothing can stop him.

Now it appears something has changed. Is he 92% ready and will be 100% in three days? Is he 84% ready, but needs a 16% bump? Do we bet or don't bet? Does the next horse on the earnings list's owners actually get to celebrate Derby week as a starter, or do they waste cash on a hotel watching the NHL playoffs with no A/E? Do bettors make an odds line with or without Mo?

Questions, questions. Confusion continues to reign. But maybe it's just me.

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Tinky said...

Surgery over the winter, leading to a cramped training and racing schedule; a very poor performance in his final prep, possibly relating to an internal problem; physically a shadow of what he was prior to the Breeders' Cup, and has trained poorly at CD.

His connections would be obviously be foolish to run UM, and even if he is withdrawn at the 11th hour, the real story is the blinding contrast between this embarrassing display, and the intelligence and class with which Frankel's connections are managing that one.


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