Another News & Notes Post

We have two posts in one day. I know, don't hold your excitement back!

R Heat Lightning is out of the Kentucky Oaks. Bruno has been tweeting about her fitness since last week. if you follow twitter, the question is "what took them so long".

Dan does a fabulous job on his polling numbers for thoroughbred racing here. Really good article folks!

Charlottetown Driving Park is rolling for the season. On May 7th they have the national driving championship and it's available on HPI. It looks like they will be available this season on several US ADWs as well. Let's see if they can get handle up, because for the casual player, it's a good product. The drivers try.

Life is different today. Bin Laden's death set a twitter record.

Speaking of twitter, we'll see what happens with the Canadian election. Apparently if you tweet results from the east coast before polls close you can end up in the slammer. There is a website up trying to test that theory.

Someone from the states asked me what type of parties we have up here, just in case they want to follow and/or bet the election. Well, we have the conservatives. They would welcome a guy like MA Sen Scott Brown - they're right, but the aren't crazy nuts right. We have the libs, who would attract someone like a say, Joe Biden. They are generally not nuts either, but they are in trouble because their leader is connecting to voters like I connect with the takeout-doesn't-matter crowd. The NDP is a party that Michael Moore might be booted out of for being too far right. The kids in college who never paid an electric bill are threatening to go vote for them this time in big numbers - if they can get their parents to drive them to the polls. The Bloc is a Quebec party with a  leader who looks like your crazy uncle. They don't like immigration or Canadian people. Last is the Green Party. They have no seats and probably never will, because I think they want to outlaw dams, cars, streetlights and most other things that people use. Oh, I saw a guy in the Park last week pulling a wagon with a big picture of a marijuana plant behind him, so I think that party is on the ballot in some places. He had a beard and looked pretty high.

That's it in a nutshell. Enjoy!

Gene is the bomb! Check out his Kentucky Derby article here.

Adults bet thousands on kiddie football. No joke. H/t to O_Crunk.

Cantor Gaming's new in-running betting device is now rolling. Nice little machine/interface. H/t to Robin Howlett.

Ok, I'm done now. Have a great evening!

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Gene Kershner said...

PtP: Thanks for the shoutout! Never been called the bomb before....LOL.


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