Thursday's Here

And everything seems to be cleared up.

Asked if Mo was running on Saturday here are the concurrent quotes:

Trainer Todd Pletcher: "Sure".

Owner Mike Repole: "I honestly don't know".

According to the Thoroughbred Times, "a panel of five" will decide if Mo starts or not.

I know I am a small owner and would never have a horse like this, but I have never heard of anything so bizarre when wondering if a horse starts or not. This is the biggest race of the year, at 10f, that can chew a horse beyond belief. It's nothing that one would think would be decided at post time, by some sort of committee vote. But, as I said earlier, that might be just me. Maybe this makes perfect sense when we consider the microscope this colt has been under in social media land - where the backstretch, grandstand and horseplayer community comes to digital life. Years ago these discussions only occurred at the track.

With all the Mo talk, you'd think we're talking Fushiachi Pegasus, Bellamy Road or Eskeyendreya here - i.e. the hot chalk. But Dialed In is. Has there ever been quieter buzz around a Derby favorite in recent history? I know he has not run a big fig but it's like he is a in a bubble. Maybe Zito likes it like that. Although it should be noted, in internet-land, there is talk of him not being overly sound as well.

Dana looks at the quick notes via post position by horse. She is so right. I am betting Arch X 3 gets some good media attention Saturday because people like saying the trainers name.

The USTA strategic wagering idea - where pools are guaranteed for pick 4's - is doing really well. Check it out if you are not playing into some of these pools.

There is a carryover today at Churchill for the pick 6 and the super high five. If something happens today and these carryover, watch out for a monster pool tomorrow on Oaks day. I played the pick 6 and pick 5 yesterday at Churchill as I loved the sequence. Playing ABC tickets, as I am want to do, bit me in the behind. One or two strategic moves cost me the six, as I had all the winners, including the $60 one in the last. I might try again today.

Chester cards a $100k Open, the same night the Meadowlands tries to get on their feet with the Graduate. Psst..... Chester, piss off will you?

Handle was down again in April, with fewer racedates. Two questions: It would have been up without CA racing dragging it down, huh? And also, I know the media loves trumpeting the purse pools in CA this season, but how sustainable is it? I surmise they are front-loading.

The $100k guarantee at Woodbine continues Saturday night. It might be tough to get it that night with the Derby sucking bankrolls. Woodbine should hope for a chalk tri in the Derby so players have some bullets in the gun.

Tioga opens this weekend as well. "Lowest Takeout in the Land"

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

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