Harness Time

With the commencement of the Preakness (and Kegasus) Pull the Pocketsus says that it's harness racing time. Maybe not, but it sure feels like it.

Friday night is the $300,000 Molson Pace. This race, which has grown from a $30,000 Invite to a major race shows a bit about the power of branding. The top rated pacer in North America, Foiled Again, headlines the field of pacers and the event has created some buzz. HANA has the video of Greg's picks and will have more freebies tomorrow. Allan has his picks up. 

Saturday is the New Jersey Classic. Can Big Jim move forward, or does he even have to? In addition, the Dan Patch at Hoosier - usually a good one - is on tap.

Sunday is the Elitlopp; a fabulous event. Arch Madness and Define the World head the NA contingent. Blog commenter Janne, who is going to win?

If you are a harness fan, this weekend is a good weekend to be watching.


Walleye Willy said...

There is only 2 things I know anything about jigging for Pickeral and harness racing in Sweden. Rapide Lebel wires the Elitlopp field. Tell OB all in.

Pull the Pocket said...

Always, and I mean always listen to the Walleye man with international races!



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