A Good Weekend of Racing Ahead

The betting market for the Preakness has tightened on the exchange, but there is still little action. As thought, the ML on the Animal (that's what I call him, since we met in the Derby), might be a little low, because there is a whack ready to book at 3-1. He is the clear chalk, however. Dialed In is sitting at about 5-1 and Mucho Macho Man has about $500 wanted at near 7-1. Friday is payday, so that loaf might be the construction worker looking to buy.

If you are planning your betting attack today and tomorrow like I am, Crist lists the exotics and races for them here in a nice graphical way.

It's not a secret who I like in the Preakness, but I always like to look around for others choices. I am pretty amazed at the variance out there in blog land. It's never chic to go with a favorite, but this year (probably because there are no present superstars?) the picks are all over the map.

Tioga Downs has turned into a top level racetrack. Not only have they lowered takeout, they are putting on a good show. This weekend See You at Peelers makes her 2011 debut in the EBC. There are a few other decent colts and fillies on the card too.

Big Jim makes his debut at the Meadowlands tomorrow. A little bird told me he has been schooling well, so the layoff between Q and race is no concern.

Molson Pace elim night is tonight. Free programs n' stuff from Western Fair.

Unharnessed, the new harness TV show, released their first episode.


Caroline - you have to be kidding me? You should get into that database and push some votes. Paulick will have to change things up and call you a "hot" egghead, instead of just the latter.

There have been some big bets at Betfair lately on UK racing. Yesterday I get a ping: "Colour Scheme has $154000 at 10 in the Haydock 4:00. He’s trading at 9.8-10. I noticed another a couple of races ago at Haydock that had over $160000 at 7.6, trading 7.4-7.6."

It would take a commissioner to do something with this for horse racing, but I found a recent study I read about online habits by age demographic fascinating. Boomers versus Gen Y are not as different as we think, with many of the same habits online. One thing that stuck out was the older generations' willingness to read longer copy and watch longer video online; but the rest was amazingly similar.

Standardbred Canada ahead of the times, again. A couple of years ago they created an Adrenaline Festival which mirrors virtually exactly the Preakness Infield Fest. Because it did not take off the first year things were scrapped, but it was a sound idea.

Enjoy the day today. I am hopefully going to be able to quit early to play the Pimlico card today. I will more than likely be on Twinkyville for that.

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Caroline said...

LOL. Well thanks for the mention ;) Have a great Preakness weekend PTP - gonna be in England, jet lagged, looking for a race call on twitter!


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