The Undefeated Filly

Fillies with the ability to race top colts are a rarity in both standardbred and thoroughbred racing. We've had the undefeated Zenyatta tackle them twice, until her final race and only defeat. On the harness side the top filly (easily) of the last decade, or perhaps in a generation, Rainbow Blue, never did. This year, however, it might be different.

See You At Peelers is a monster and not your average everyday filly with a nice record. Yesterday at Tioga Downs she stretched her win streak to 15, and in doing so set a world record without breaking a sweat. For those folks who weight the driver so much in betting decisions, she did it with a pilot who is not even close to a household name. She is undefeated with three separate reinsman.

Each year it seems we plead for a filly to take on top males, but that is most times wishful. Generally, the filly is not as good as we think - beating up on slow mares - but since she is winning we want to see it. With Peelers, this is not the case. She is as good, or better, than any horse sophomore colt in training and I do not think we will have to wish this year. Trainer Jim Takter has never been afraid to take on the boys with his other mares, and now that he has one that might change the sports' history books forever. In fact, he has already announced she will start at the Rooney at Yonkers.

When Rachel was taking on the boys she was not taking on a Curlin-type. Rainbow Blue, who probably would've crushed the boys was in a weak crop. Zenyatta did it so rarely. This year we have a fantastic race-filly and a fantastic race-colt, Big Jim. Both are world record holders. And I would bet more than a ham sandwich we see them meet this season. I think it would be a race we'd not want to miss.

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Blaine said...

I don't want to sound like a party pooper Pocket, but greatness is applied to horse when they meet resistance and embrace it and resist in their own right. To date, See You At Peelers(SYAP) has yet to be resisted at any point in her 15 career efforts. She's been awesome to this point, but there's a long way to go in 2011. This 3YO crop is DEEP. So deep that a 1st timer named Betterthancheddar for Casie Coleman put a whole in the wind tonight going 1:49 2/5 at Mohawk. Betterthanchedar is from the same crop of Bettor's Delight like SYAP as well as Fashion Delight who won the colt division yesterday on the same card as SYAP. Now don't go comparing the final times because the filly division went the half in moderate 55 2/5 while the boys were blazing in 53 4/5. Time will tell Pocket. Hold on and enjoy the ride.


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