Mo Saga Ends - Not Unlike the Last Two Years

Horseplayers  have been asking "why are they even entering Mo". They did - which one can guess sits about as well with the owners of Sway Away as does an inflamed spleen - and Friday morning he's out.

Selfishly it's good for me because I was sweating out shorts on the horse, but I think we all feel bummed about the whole thing. It was like some sort of bizarre circus.

Speaking to a betfair player this morning not soon after it was announced (he was short a 5 figure liability)  the answer was simple "it's about time."

Two years ago Jeff Mullins scratched chalk I Want Revenge the morning of the race. Last year, Pletcher scratched the chalk - Esky - about a week before. Now, Mo goes, 36 hours before post time.

This is not Woody Stephens' racing anymore. Racing was much better without $5000 vet bills, hyperbaric chambers, and everything else that goes into them, in my opinion. Years ago horses with issues did not see a vet to try and make a race in 30 days, they had daily paddock visits for six months until they felt better.

This opens up the Derby for some. For me and many others, my handicapping goes unaffected.

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Phil said...

You put your money where mouth was after the Wood & you dont get rich without taking a stand.
I wish Uncle Mo was running because it would have made this a better betting race-he would have been on a lot of exotic tickets.



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