Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Beach is Back & Losing Streaks

Tomorrow evening the most famous horse in harness racing is slated to go in the OSS Super-Final at Woodbine. This will be his last race in Canada. He will have two more starts at the Meadowlands then he calls it a career so he can go breed more horses in a sport with way too many already (sorry, I can't help myself ;)).

He has been picking up some mentions in the mainstream press though. The Toronto Star had a story this week on his final race, and his preparations. For those who figure they might try and beat a potential bridge-jumper tomorrow night in the show pools (I have not got a program downloaded yet, but the entries say that show betting is permitted), well take heed of this:

"He just seems to be getting stronger and better and enjoying the cooler weather. We trained him Sunday and just let him come a final half (mile) in 53 (seconds) and a piece and he did it just easily. Like always."

Back when I was a kid I remember a horse named Farmsteads Fame came up North for a stakes race and he qualified with a 56.4 back half and I was stunned. This horse comes home in 53 for training miles. He is probably 1-10 fair odds tomorrow night, and I don't think I have ever said that with any horse.

For our thoroughbred friends like one of our favourites Valerie, he is supposed to go to the gate at 9:38PM. Woodbine does not live stream so I guess you need a youbet or twinspires account to partake. Here is the field:

7 -- Pace, purse $300,000 (EX, P3, SF, TR)
Post time: 09:38 P.M. Lasix: 05:23 P.M.
1 Lucky Man 12-1
2 Dougs Fame 40-1
3 Somebeachsomewhere 1-5
4 Trade Editor 20-1
5 Amillionpennies 40-1
6 The Mohegan Pan 12-1
7 Keystone Horatio 15-1
8 Deuce Seelster(L) 15-1

We did a post awhile ago on losing streaks. They are deadly for ones psyche and we all go through them. There is an excellent post on from a good player who gives us an easy excel sheet way to find them and also gives us some statistics. It's worth a look if you ever wanted to delve into the subject further.


Valerie Grash said...

I’ll definitely be turned in via Twinspires!

“He just seems to be getting stronger and better and enjoying the cooler weather.”

Not only is that a scary thought—I mean, seriously, other than literally becoming airborne what more can this horse do?—but also a damning sign of why great horses should not be retired so young. Some get even better with age, depriving everyone the pleasure of watching them do what they were actually bred to do—race!

Anonymous said...

While you're waiting try Twinspires replays Goodwood UK July 30th 3rd race. If you've never seen it, thats what they call a horserace.

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