Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK, This is Getting Ridiculous

Well I am reading around the web thing and I find a few stories on racing. We don't have any money. Money bet on racing per capita by country has the US a waffer-thin swedge ahead of the booming racing hotbed of Turkey. Ohio is in trouble. Handles are down. Horseman and tracks are fighting.

Then I decide to take a break from it and look at the World and what they do. It is kind of amazing what happens when the ol monopoly does not exist and racing actually has to compete.

First I check the advertisements. Betfair is advertising on TV. Nothing earth shattering, but not bad for a racing company.

But it gets better. The world is not a "home market area" and there are no such things as "source market fees" in the gambling world. So we have this.

That's the Bulgarian commercial. I think that's called 'reach'.

Don't worry it gets even better. How about the World's Largest Billboard? Somewhere in the fields of Austria an ADW is advertising.....

Betting on racing can grow on the Internet in North America. This company has achieved the above in six years of existence. We need a plan. I hope one day we realize that what we've been doing all these years has been completely wrong. We have a 15 trillion dollar economy in North America to exploit. I hope we get to it.

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