Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've Never Been in Favor of Bans......

Because when you start giving into one thing, another thing is banned down the line.

Massachusetts voted in favour of banning dog racing. It looks like dog track workers will have about a year to find a new line of work.

Now for the racing part. Check the comments in that article from the activists/voters. We're next on some State's hit list, I am pretty sure of that.

Horse racing should be the next to go

Horse racing is next, its time to realize animal cruelty as a malody of the 20th century that has no place in a civilized society


Great idea, chris: we should ban horse racing too, and will, next. One cruelty at a time.

As someone who voted on behalf of the dogs, I also support eliminating horse racing. Maybe that can be done in the next election?????

If they really cared about animals, horse racing would be included. It is a total farce....Why not admit that horse racing has deep pockets and would fight back. The poor dog racing industry does not have the money . Many, many, many more horses are killed and maimed in racing than dogs. Simply pathetic !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You can't legislate morality, though wack jobs always think you can. Sad day, as many greyhounds will now be put to sleep due to these short sighted morons. Mass. had almost 100% adoption rate. But those same wack jobs go to work and leave their dogs for 8 hours a day by themselves starved for attention.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons why I have said we should ban whipping. You are giving these people ammunition. However, those in the harness racing industry don't think this can happen; well it might not be easy, but it can.

Do a search on the internet and you will see many states have outlawed greyhound racing and simulcasting.

Racing's day unfortunately will come and the harness racing industry is hiding it's head in the sand. At least the t-breds are studying the problems with breakdowns and in CA they have mandated a different racing surface to reduce breakdowns.

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