Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Crown: A Great Night of Racing

We'll go through the races in a later post, and have Herb's new Top Ten on Tuesday. But a quick note about the night - a night that was a fantastic one for harness racing.

The torch was passed tonight - one of the greatest horses to ever set foot on a track retired (to be determined if that is so), and another stepped up to the plate to make us wonder what the future holds.

Folks, Shadow Play is a world champion. He won the Jug by seven and has numerous accomplishments. Unfortunately he was born in 2005 and when he races against Beach, he just looks ordinary. 148.3 on a night like this is simply tremendous. The Meadowlands Pace, raced in July each year has only seen that speed once.

The story of the night is the one who receives the torch. Muscle Hill, to trot 153.3, on a night when the three year olds trotted 153.4 is something that is never done - it is like a 2yo colt going Kentucky Derby speed. We were not kidding when we spoke about the depth of this crop. A superstar emerged that we all should follow.

My handicapping I was happy with. In Focus and Well Said keyed two races of a $1700 pick 4, and both were overlaid. I could not hit exotics in those two races, however. I keyed Explosive Matter on several pick 3's with In Focus and Make it Happen - no conversions, eventhough I took an all in the chaos 4th race and hit the 70-1 shot. I pitched Dewey out of the top two on all tickets and still could not get anything, which is simply poor execution. On a night I place a pick 4 on the blog that hits, I should have done much better.

I hope some of the thoroughbred fans enjoyed the night and they give our sport another look. It is a fine sport; and tonight I hope it proved it.


Anonymous said...

Buddy... can ya spare a dime?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Beach is not done yet. Two more starts at Dover Downs in the Matron stake. Somewhat a gutsy move as HOY is now his. Racing in the Matron bring albeit small risk to lose when there is little to gain by racing. That being said, kudos to his team.

Unless I am mistaken, Shadow Play returns next year. I think the torch is being passed on to him. He obviously is the 2nd best 3yo pacer this year and I believe he can step up against the big boys next year.

Pull the Pocket said...

Hey Alpha,

If I showed you my balance after last nights botched wagers you would be offering to take me out to one of those Montreal "bars" you tell me about :)


Awesome that SP will race next year. Virtually all top colts call it quits nowadays as we know. The ones that do go on (Real Desire, Art Major etc) usually do really well.

Blaine said...

I think we should also give props to David Miller for his drives on Fox Valley Topaz & A And G's Confusion. The A And G's drive of getting on the engine, shuffling back and then pooping out to use Native Bride as cover was a masterpice.

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