Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harness Herb's Tuesday Top Ten

Harness Herb was hard at work coming up with his Harness Top Ten when our cub reporter Greg got a hold of him via satellite phone. Greg forwarded his phone call verbatim here, and this is unedited.

*Exclusive to Pull the Pocket*

Greg: Hi Herb
Herb: Hello my Pennsylvanian friend

Greg: So Herb where are you this week, still in Tibet?
Herb: I’m back in France. The weather is cool but Herb has to train. Some of the early year cycling races are just around the corner. Just like a racehorse, Herb needs training to keep in shape and stay cut.

Greg: Ok.... what about the top ten. I notice you dropped Nebupanezzar this week, is that off his flat showing in the Gold Final?
Herb: Of course, Sherlock. He was disappointing and not the same horse that has been winning. To be on this list you have to dominate. This is not a list for sissies. He's still the best two year old colt in racing though.

Greg: Crazed made a move in. How come Herb?
Herb: He is in because he won his Dover stake easily, and Dewey was off beating up on some weak ones. He's had a better year than Celebrity Secret.

Greg: What did you think of Native Bride? I thought you’d move her up even higher.
Herb: That’s why Herb compiles the list and you don’t. Yes she is the best filly in racing. Yes she can clean plenty of clocks, but we ain’t moving her up over Mister Big quite yet. By the way, who’s your daddy? Herb had her in the top ten weeks ago. I think we can all agree, and I say this with tremendous humility: Herb rules.

Greg: Do you think Dewey or Shadow Play can ever overtake Beach with only a few races left?
Herb: Beach is a freak. Those other two horses would have to set a world record for Herb to even think about dropping him and that ain't gonna happen. It is good to keep in mind that Herb knows all the horses. Herb was there when Bret Hanover raced. Herb was there when Steady Star time trialled. Herb was there when the hula hoop was cool. He’s seen it all. Those other horses can’t carry Beach’s bell boots.

Greg: Bye Herb.
Herb: Bye Greg.

Official (not seen anywhere else, although people have offered Pull the Pocket big money for this) Harness Herb Tuesday Top Ten

1-Somebeachsomewhere (1)

2-Shadow Play (2)

3-Deweycheatumnhowe (3)

4-Enough Talk (5)

5-Nebupanezzar (4)

6-Mister Big (6)

7-Native Bride (10)

8-Crazed (NR)

9-Art Colony (8)

10-Up Front Annika (9)

The Hambletonian Top Ten was out yesterday. See how it stacks up to humble Herb's!


Anonymous said...

What are
your opinions on the idea that
what works well in handicapping
track A doesn't work at
track B. Maybe an idea for a post?

Pull the Pocket said...

In harness? Or tbreds?

I want to do something in harness, and I will post about it. I would need help though. this business does players no favours in terms of information. We'd have to go back to a paper and pencil.

Pull the Pocket said...

PS: What opines do you have?

Anonymous said...

Sorry should have specified
harness. I only play Woodbine
because I have found what works
there won't at a B track. Also at
the smaller tracks, the horse's
last race could be at Wfr, Flam,
Grandriver, etc. Kinda like comparing apples and oranges.

One example of many......
At Wdb., invaders are usually
moving up against better and with
so so form can be auto toss outs.

Another would be the different
racetrack configurations.


Pull the Pocket said...

I would love to do much of this stuff easily. I believe this is a main reason why handicapping books are useless and/or not written for harness. We are our own worst enemy. We hide data from horseplayers. I can tell you in a matter of seconds how Turfway shippers do at KEE, without a rise in class against par. I can tell you much more and make a betting model.

In harness I would love to quickly be able to answer these questions:

BLMP shipper: Bad bet. Fact or fiction.

Horses from the outside who have the fastest early pace are good bets. Fact? Fiction?

Speed horse moving from an outside post to an inside one on a half. Good bet or overbet?

It is very difficult to answer the above. it'll be the topic in my next post and maybe we can chat more then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks in advance.


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