Monday, November 17, 2008

Somebeachsomewhere #1..... Finally!

He's the richest horse in training. He has four world records. Hall of Famer Ron Waples compares him to Niatross. He draws tens of thousands of fans to racetracks to see him go. He draws onlookers with flashing cameras to watch him train. He has had more column inches of any harness horse in major newspapers this millenium. He has more google searches done on him than any harness horse alive or dead. And finally, after all year not being ranked the top horse this year in the Weekly Harness Racing Poll, he gets his due.

Rank/Name/1stPl Votes Age/Gait/Sex '08 Record '08 Earnings Pts LW
--------------------- ------------ ---------- ------------ --- --
1. Somebeachsomewhere (19) 3pc 14-13-1-0 $2,198,003 331 2
2. Deweycheatumnhowe (16) 3tc 14-12-1-1 $2,158,987 327 1

The press should be commended. We can finally promote this horse to people as one of the best ever without having to answer "if he is the best ever, why don't you guys have him ranked first in your poll?" questions any longer.

Here is the Beach just a few months ago winning the richest harness race in the world. We rarely get TV coverage in harness racing, especially on a major network, and we almost never hear cheering at a harness event anymore, so this is a race to watch and relive again. Courtesy "The Score" sports network.


Anonymous said...

Finally is right, congratutions to the Beach.
And to you to PTP, you earned this almost as much as the horse.

Pull the Pocket said...

I just got an email Alex from a voter that is stoked about it :)

It is relieving. I mean I follow the game and have for years, like many. I am the worst guy to talk to about horses because I always find chinks in their armour. I look for chinks. Donato, Tell All, Rock n Roll Hanover, Dewey and on and on.... I find chinks. I cant find any with this horse so to see him #2 I thought I was going nuts.

For the record I was at the Battle of Waterloo last year and bet against this horse. When paul took him over Deuce in the Metro elim I thought he was nuts. So I am not above mentioning how wrong I was about this horse. But I dont think I am wrong with the voting. He should win Horse of the Year on both sides of the border by a landslide. it should not even be close.


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