Friday, November 7, 2008

Suffolk is Serious & Notes

Ray Paulick wrote an interesting piece on horse slaughter and Suffolk Downs. We wrote earlier that the owner of Suffolk has instituted policies in which horse slaughter is not tolerated. Paulick's piece reads like a mystery and is top-notch.

Mike Hamilton is at it again. The Woodbine Blo... Columnist has a post up filled with numbers, thoughts and a general hodge podge of data. It is interesting though. One thing I am not sure of is, he mentioned the Paceadvantage post that I wrote here about. That was on the 4th, and he wrote his post on the 5th. If he stole it I am going to sue him for like, well, one of those really good second floor Woodbine roast beef sandwiches. Anyhow, drop by and say Howdy to Mike.

Horseplayer Association president Jeff Platt was on Bloodhorse this week. There is a post up about it. I can't believe that such a high percentage of betting in North America goes to purses (around 6%) compared to the rest of the world (around 2%), yet we are the ones who constantly complain about not getting enough money from tracks and ADW's for purses. It's Rod Serling-like.

Looks like Georgian Downs gets their wish and is closing for a couple of months this winter, and adding dates to the summer. For anyone who has been on the 400 highway in January, versus August, the only question to ask about that is "what in the hell took them so long?"

Oh and one more thing. I guess I am in the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance now. I am not a thoroughbred and I stink as a blogger. One would think that is a poor match, but really I like brown things that run around in a circle, whether trotting, pacing or running. And on the good side maybe the work of good bloggers like Dana and Patrick rub off on me. One way or another, them fancy blue-blood t-bred bloggers are gonna learn what a hopple is :)


Anonymous said...

With regards to the Suffolk Downs story, good for them. I would suggest that when these horses are no longer raceable those responsible for them do due dilligence before handing them over to someone else.

Better yet, it would probably be better if tracks that institute this policy have an on track group set up who will make the arrangements for the safe shipping of these horses to their new lives; similar to what the greyhound racetracks do.

Anonymous said...

Not to get you "flushed", but am I the only one that stopped and re-read the line "I really like brown things that run around in a circle"?



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