Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beach Says Bye to Canada - And the Field

Somebeachsomewhere raced for his final time in Canada this year. It was freezing here and I did not make the trip, but the mile was pretty electric considering the horrid conditions. He won by 11 and three quarters in 150.3. Doing some quick math, looking at a homemade track variant, that is par 147.2 - easily the fastest mile in Canadian history, and more than likely the quickest November race in racing history. He is a sharp as ever.

Someone who was there had this to say about the race (from

That mile was just incredible. All the fans cleared out to watch it in the outside bleachers, even in the pouring rain. It was an amazing site to see and hear all the people cheering and whistling for him the entire mile. What I noticed in particular were 3 elderly ladies in tears as he crossed the line.

People can talk about Dewey, or whomever they want. This is the single greatest horse to come along in the last decade. He has done more for the sport then any new rules, any new types of racing, or any promotions can do. He deserves HOY honours on both sides of the border, not to mention even higher accolades. What a shame it is we only have a max 2 more opportunities to ever watch him.

The bridge jumpers were out. 150k was bet to show. Pretty easy money, and I never think that. I bet each time against bridge jumpers. Not this time.

Here is the video evidence:

Thanks to Clive and WEG for the photo.


Anonymous said...

SBSW is arguably probably the second greatest pacer of all time (after Niatross). The sad thing is the only way he will win HOY in the United States is if Dewey goes down to defeat in the Breeders Crown and the Beach prevails.

I guess this is the price that gets paid for racing a lot of the time in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Eventually "the legacy" will seperate him. Ten years from now people will talk about the all time greats, and Beach will be included.
And imagine if the weather is at least OK for the Breeders Crown, if the track is fast, word has it that the temp had very little effect on him, he may pull off a Novemeber miracle mile.

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