Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harness Herb's Weekly Top Ten Poll

Greetings! This week's Harness Herb Poll (TM) is hot off the press. Earlier today our cub reporter Greg called Herb and caught him on his way to a cycling race in Northern Tibet.

Greg: Hi Herb, we are all wondering why you dropped Mister Big to #6?
Herb: Greg we all know why. He is a wonderful horse, but heck he did not race well; and he is coming off a couple of efforts not worthy of a top three Herb-list. This poll ain't for sissies, you gotta win and win big!

Greg: Who are you impressed with this week Herb?
Herb: Greg, Nebupanazzar has a goofy name, but man, he is going to make a million this year. He has got to be up there dang it.

Greg: Anyone else?
Herb: Yes, Enough Talk moved up a spot. He just keeps winning and he is now poised for a late season sweep. My what the heck selection is Native Bride. I mean she is dominant and crushing. She wins and wins and wins.

Greg: Shadow Play still ahead of Dewey?
Herb: Yes. He is a world record holder and crushes good horses like he did in the Jug and Windy City. He is an easy choice. If Dewey starts crushing by five or ten in big speed, he will challenge for the number two spot.

Greg: Thanks Herb
Herb: Thanks Greg

Harness Herb's Top Ten Horses in Harness Racing

1. Somebeachsomewhere (last week #1)
-Fans in Ontario get one more chance to see him on November 15

2. Shadow Play (last week #2)
-Sprinted home hard to win American-National.

3. Deweycheatumnhowe (last week #4)
-Crushed an overmatched field in prep race for Breeders Crown at Vernon

4. Nebupanezzar (last week #5)
-Rolled in Gold Elim @ Western Fair, win in the final could push him within $4,000 of a $1 million freshman campaign

5. Enough Talk (last week #6)
-Another win in the American-National @ Balmoral-did he do enough to get Older Trotter of the Year the last few weeks?

6. Mister Big (last week #3)
-Incredibly dull effort in American-National. Yes, he was on the lead, but he's won there before, and shouldn't come home in 28.1 regardless.

7. Federal Flex (last week #7)
-Did not race this week after winning Valley Victory. Jamieson non-committal about Breeders Crown.

8. Art Colony (last week #8)
-Also not in action this week after a great second to Nebupanezzar in the Governors Cup

9. Up Front Annika (last week #10)
-Not in the box this week after solid trimuph in the Goldsmith Maid

10. Native Bride (last week not ranked)
-Probably putting together the quietest 14-win season in history. Three-year old filly pacer looked great in Matron elimination @ Dover .

Dropped Out
#9 Celebrity Secret
-Unusually dull effort in Matron elim at Dover

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