Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ten Minutes to the Crown

Well I was going to go to the track tonight, but balked. I wanted to live blog this card and mess around with a few folks, but at this late time and wanting to sit back and play a few races I thought I would not.

The Meadowlands has one of the lowest pick 4 takeouts in North America. Unfortunately they carded two of my least favorite races as part of the sweep. But we will take a stab tonight on it. Maybe we can hit something.

I am going to make it a pick 3. Doubling the cost of tickets by adding Shadow Play, or tripling it with Blue Ridge Western is not a worthwhile strategy; so here are my pick 3's/4's for tonight.

236891011-12567810-3-3 = $56
236810-158-12457-3 = $75

For a bomber ticket, should Beach be sick, or get hit by a piece of pizza at the half and go off stride, thrown by an unruly fan, let's try this:

236810-158-3-12 = $36

Good luck tonight and enjoy the races folks!


Valerie Grash said...

Wow, only watched two races thus far and one saw a 75-1 longshot hit, and then Muscle Hill just set a world record for 1 mile by two-year-old trotter...looks to be quite a night!

Pull the Pocket said...

Really interesting stuff Valerie. You thoroughbred fans better start getting harnessfied - that Muscle Hill mile was as good a mile you will ever see. We throw the label superstar around in our sports' but you saw something special. That is right up there with Beach's Metro last year.

I think there is a good chance that he will go faster than the 3YO's will here.

Keep watching. This sport is not boring :)

Valerie Grash said...

DAVE FREAKIN' PALONE!! AHHH, I can't believe I didn't throw a bet on him. Instead, I wasted $2 on Celebrity Secret who had no chance from the start :) How big was him beating Dewey?

Pull the Pocket said...

Val: Shame shame shame on you for not using your pal Dave. I am telling him :)

We figured Dewey would get beat but I went heavier on the six, who got stuck in that terrible flow.

Only pick 3's and 4's left for me to salvage beating an overbet 3-5 horse... which sucks! I cant seem to put together anything tonight.

Great drive by Ray there. Tetrick is out in no mans land and he is the leading money winning driver, but Ray gets the front easily. He has done a great job with Dewey. He always seems to get a good trip for him.

Pull the Pocket said...

I hope someone bet my pick 4's. You'd do better than me tonight! I played horribly. Not smart at all.

Anonymous said...

No luck for me either, but a great bunch of races. One of the best BC's I have seen.

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