Monday, November 3, 2008

Joe Kennedy and Horse Racing; And the Poll!

In 1929, so the story goes, the markets were flying high. Every stock touched would roll. At a hotel in Manhattan Joseph Kennedy heard from a bell boy a few stock tips. This resonated with Joe and made him realize that when bell boys are giving him stock tips it is time to get out of the market. He divested heavily.

In early 1929 Joe was worth $4M. In 1935 he was worth $180M.

Fact or Americana fiction? Who knows, but it does make a good story.

Similarly we have the case of Doug. Doug is a horseplayer, a six figure one and a member of the Bris Horseplayer Hall of Fame. He is also a horse owner. He has been for a long time and he loves the game of racing.

Here is his full bio:

Hajck's first introduction to the races was on October 28th, 1974 when he watched a 16 year old kid boot home his first win ever aboard Oregon Warrior in the 6th race from just outside the fence at Yakima Meadows. That kid's name was Russell Baze.

In 1976, Hajck attended college in Santa Barbara and later moved to Los Angeles where he managed nightclubs while honing his handicapping chops at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Del Mar, Pomona, and Agua Caliente. Opportunity joined technology in 1989 when he moved to Lancaster, CA, just two blocks from the Satellite Wagering Facility featuring simulcasts from across the country.

In 2003, Hajck was named to the Brisnet Handicapper's Hall of Fame where just some of the tickets he has cashed are documented.

In 2007 he attended his first Kentucky Derby and savored the flavor of racing in the Bluegrass, and at the same time was hired as a Fan Educator at Emerald Downs in Seattle, WA where he was a 25% partner in Four Star Stables.

He continues work on his novel, SINGLING DEEP, a mystery/fiction suspense thriller with a racing backdrop set in the Pacific Northwest.

But on October 25th, he left the game forever.

And he is telling his story on the Horseplayer Association website.

Just like when Joe Kennedy heard the masses overbuying stocks was a signal of impending doom, when we see passionate people like Doug leaving the game it is a terrible sign. Horse racing is in your blood and it is thicker than water. It is one tough game to give up. Racing should pay very close attention to what people like this have to say.

You can read Doug's first piece here. I will let people know when other parts of the series are posted.

The Poll

Big news. This week the fella that was voting for Mister Big changed his vote..... to Dewey.

Dewey increases his lead in the Hambo poll.

Herb is burning the midnight oil on his weekly poll. How far will Mister Big fall off his 8th place finish, if any? Will Nebupanazzer jump this week, being the best 2YO in racing? How about Enough Talk, will he move up off another stakes win?

His work is starting and he will have his weekly poll up tomorrow to answer all these questions.

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