Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harness Herb's Tuesday Top Ten

Our reporter Greg spoke with Herb this week and got the lowdown on his poll.

PTP: Greg, how was Herb this week?
Cub reporter Greg: He was alright. He enjoyed the races on Saturday and changed a few opinions. He has been down though, ever since his broker told him to go long the Dow.

PTP: Did you agree with the Master?
Cub reporter Greg: I always agree with him. If I don't he yells at me and calls me names. He's surly.

PTP: What did he do this week?
Cub reporter Greg: He moved Muscle Hill in. He is annoyed with himself for not having Muscle Hill in earlier. He is still saying "who's your daddy" every time Native Bride wins. He moved her up again.

PTP: Thanks Greg
Cub reporter Greg: See ya PTP

Harness Herb's Exclusive (not seen anywhere despite having an attempted hacking of PTP's Hard drive every Monday night when the encoded Herb poll comes in) Tuesday Top Ten

1. Somebeachsomewhere (1)

2. Shadow Play (2)

3. Deweycheatumnhowe (3)

4. Native Bride (7)

5. Nebupanezzar (4)

6. Muscle Hill (NR)

7. Enough Talk (5)

8. Mister Big (6)

9. Explosive Matter (NR)

10. Hawaiian Drink (10)

Dropped out-Federal Flex, beaten by #9 in Breeders Crown elimination; Crazed, did not race


Anonymous said...

What the hell is Herb talkin bout.Wasn,t it Explosive Matter that beat Fed Flex? Where,s Muscle play in this?

Pull the Pocket said...

Herb's drunk.

But the guy who typed in Herb's stuff was more drunk.

That guy is going to fix it now.

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