$18 Million and One Body

The V75 carryover hit close to $19M. I think they go Wednesday's. Anyone hear if it was hit, or was this a carryover to this Saturday? I tried reading a Swedish harness racing program. I might as well be betting on yak racing. I have no idea what is what there.

Scott links an article that says a state in Australia wants to merge greyhound, harness and thoroughbred racing under one umbrella with a commissioner type figure. Wow, we can't even agree on getting one commissioner here.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do you think greyhound racing people are even stupider then horse racing people? The tracks I've seen have a 25% takeout across the board, even on WPS. The pays are still ok, because of it being more competitive I assume. It just seems to me greyhound racings overhead would be a fraction of what horse racings are, so they should be in even more of a position to slash takeout rates. Yet they settle on being even worst value then harness racing.

Pull the Pocket said...

The states with the highest gas taxes have the worst transport industries.

The tracks with the highest......... ah forget about it, I am a broken record :)

Scott said...

Takeout rates should be consistent across the board - if there was one company managing the pools across all venues, surely the cost savings, consistency of product and added marketing value would be significant?


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