I Feel Like I've Joined the Club

Many a poster in the thoroughbred blog alliance have mentioned they get hits for "Chantal Sutherland Nude Photos" search strings. I just checked my blog and I am proud to announce that I have had my first hit for that.

Where I have mentioned something that hits for that is beyond me, and I am pretty sure I have no nude photos here on the blog of anything but nekkid horses, but I am happy to be part of the club.

Now if I could just get some hits for "guy who wins obscene amounts of money betting horses" I'd be on easy street.


Janine said...

Just went through my list, and I don't have any yet. But who are all these people looking for porn emoticons?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pull the Pocket....that was me...got confused as to where I was searching....wont happen again


Anonymous said...

welcome to the club!

my current biggest search criteria after this week's airing of Jockeys was for the theme song. guess everyone's coming over here for nudie pics now, after all, she is Canadian!


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