Sunday Fun Day

Ok, not that fun, but I am as creative as a chipmunk so it is the best I can do.

Some notes that I found interesting:

Bill O'Donnell, the new head of the Ontario Harness Horse Association seems eminently proactive. When whipping rules are discussed, the participants usually get up in arms. O'Donnell, showing some independence and practicality, stated "For me, personally, I think in this day and age if there are enough complaints I am all for something new,"

The Horseplayers Association is counting down the continents best thoroughbred tracks in terms of rakes, field size and playability with wager variety. Some of the tracks are doing some interesting things, and the interviews in the stories at the Bloodhorse generally teach us a thing or two.

I notice standardbrred wagering is up so far this year in Canada. That's good, but most of gains I believe are from the race date switch from Georgian to Woodbine. Some were opposed to this, but switching dates from a track with $200,000 handles to $1M handles is something that should have been done quite awhile ago. If we do not start acting like a business, we will not be a business much longer.

The Meadowlands Pick 6 is carrying over quite a bit to Wednesday. It stands at $68k.

Adam Heathcote, the young fella from the UK who began trading the horses recently, has been doing well with his 0-GBP150,000 challenge (note-he is trying to make 150k this year at the horses). His bankroll has been growing and he has made around $50,000 so far this year. Well done.

"It's not just about having a race track in operation for the purposes of subsidizing horses running around a track." - MPP George Smitherman. Get used to hearing this more and more over the next ten years, and not just from Ontario politicians. Hat tip to Cangamble.

Mr. Feelgood is feeling good. Thanks to Scott for pointing it out.

I see the Ontario Racing Commission is being reviewed. Hector Clouthier is one of the people testifying, or whatever the heck goes on at the government thingys. That's good. He knows what he is talking about.

Standardbred Canada says 'no comments without names.' This is insane. They have a moderator, moderate. Opinion matters, someone's last name is irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the juvenile mentality of Standardbred Canada, where they will not publish comments without identification.

Prior to this "new" policy. more than 50% of my comments to that site have been censored. My comments were not libelous, but merely very valid criticism of OHHA, ORC, Baymount Corp., WEG and even Standardbred Canda. I could not identify myself, because a very close relative works for one of those organizations, and my id would, without a doubt, jeopardize that person's career.

So the juvenile's at SC have shut me up, and there is no point in visiting that website any longer.

Some of the dictators at OHHA have recently lost their positions, but maybe they can find a home at SC.

Pull the Pocket said...

I understand your predicament; and I do respects SC's as well. But I am a big believer that it is what you have to say, not who you are. Being registered with an email address should be enough, imo. Moderating is key, as if you are saying something inflammatory or with malice it can be rejected. If you are critical with a good argument it seems to me that should be encouraged.


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