New Harness Commissioner; Edition Four

Richard Shapiro today at the Harness Conference called for a commissioner. I am sure he is the type to read important things, but if he ever came across the blog, he would know we agree and we have given him some candidates. I was first a big fan of Jason Bourne. But then Matt Damon turned into a bit of a weenie. Then I was a big fan of Fusion Man. I should have stayed with him, but since Christmas time was here and I was following the exploits of the big red dude on Google Earth I figured anyone who could fly reindeer should be able to fix the ADW stuff. So I threw my support to Santa.

But I think I found someone new. The pilot who flew that freaking plane into the Hudson river. I listened to the black box. Whereas I would be screaming like a baby, this fella sounds like he is cooler than a really cold cucumber. Getting people to agree on the whipping debate with Mr. Cool at the helm is as easy as pie. Amazing stuff. So: Pilot Dude for Harness Commissioner!


Wind Gatherer said...

For what it's worth the guy flying the plane is normally not the guy talking. In this case, I don't know who was talking, it may have been the guy flying but probably not. There are two guys in the cockpit for a reason and they both had to know what they were doing. You don't change the way you do things in an emergency.

That also wasn't the black box. It was the Air Traffic Control tapes, whoever labeled it black box was mistaken. One is supposed to sound cool while broadcasting.

Still, Sully for Commissioner. I'm with you.

Pull the Pocket said...

Windgatherer should work in news as a checker . I saw a few reports late last night all giving that quote to Captain Harness.

Who says you don't learn anything in the blogosphere?

Wind Gatherer said...

It may very well have been the Captain, speaking, but normally, the guy not flying is the guy talking. Of course, when one is inhaling the seat cushion through one's ass, protocol and procedure tends to take a back seat to expediency.

Anonymous said...

The guys that landed that plane should win Time Magazine's Man (or men)of the Year award. They saved hundreds pf people.

Anonymous said...

I love this thread. My choice for commissioner this week is Simon Cowell. I can just hear him: Your product is dreadful. 22% takeout? Off you go.

Pull the Pocket said...

LOL. No kidding. He'd last about a day :)

You missed my Moira thread! That was a good one. And well deserved young lady. Congrats again.


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